Our Mission

“To create the most personalised educational pathway to a career in analytics.”

At Tracked, we recognise that individuals learn differently.

That’s why we’ve built a platform that’s personalised for your learning aptitudes based off your unique learning style.

Highlighting three (3) of the worlds most distinct learning aptitudes; we ensure our analytics content is personalised and taught from a perspective that matches the way you learn.

We don’t promise the journey will be easy; but we do promise that with our in-house content, career pathway engine and personalised learning resources, we’ll keep you on track to great paying outcomes in the modern, digital economy without the need for an expensive education.

Change your Career. Get #Tracked.

Our Story.

We’re simply three aussie mates on a mission to reinvent analytics education, personalised to an individual's learning aptitude.

Ultimately, we help learners, learn with a teaching style that works for them.
  • At Tracked, we realised change to the education sector isn’t going to come from nowhere. The age-old message that ‘everyone learns the same’, we didn’t believe that held true.

  • Since then, we’ve tested our teaching methodologies with students across the world; from as far-flung as Nepal, to the tech-hubs of San Francisco through to individuals in Mongolia; and the story is the same.

“Students learn in a variety of manners; when the content matches their learning aptitude, this transforms the learning journey from overwhelming to engaging and applicable.”

At Tracked, we’ve invested heavily into our learning platform ecosystem, giving students clear mappings to the technologies they learn today and the job roles that require these competencies, creating a transparent and streamlined platform that reinforces learning based off your learning style to guide you to compelling career outcomes, regardless of industry you’re interested in.