Comprehensive Data Analytics

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Build the analytics, technology and platform skills demanded by employers for a career in data With an average salary of $80K AUD, 11% Compound Annual Growth and demand across all industries; it's no surprise data is the industry of the future. * You'll learn the end-to-end foundations of data analysis starting with Structured Data Modelling, before building Schemas, views and subsequent analysis with leading platforms like Snowflake ❄️ and PostgreSQL 🐘.

You'll equip yourself with technical analysis workflows ( + ETL with SQlite + Python + Seaborn) blended with problem solving frameworks where you'll hear from business leaders across the globe why analytics matters for them, leaving you job ready regardless of industry you wish to pursue.

¹ This course has no bearing or relationship with any of the above mentioned companies and/or institutions (Microsoft, McKinsey, Harvard or Accenture) with all contributors no longer employed at these institutions at the time of their contributions.

“There's an increasingly blurred line between data and business analysts, but the underpinning foundation lies in the data. If you've got no data – there's nothing to analyse, no story to tell and no insight to gain. "

– Fortune 500 Executive

Learn from the only provider that teaches business, analytics, platform and data pipelines in the one course.

So what makes a TRACKED™ Comprehensive Analytics Career Track different?

  • Designed by Industry & Academia2
  • Personalised Learning Style
  • 1:1 Expert Guidance
  • Platform Based Analytics Workflow
  • Real Business Case Studies
  • 100% Refund1
  • TRACKED Analytics Career Track
  • Traditional Analytics Bootcamps
  • College Analytics Bootcamps

2At Tracked, we create analysts; not technicians.

3We're the only course that teaches critical thinking, platform workflows and coding integration together in partnership with real businesses, personalised to the learning style that works best for you at a price that won't break the bank.

Over the duration of the tracks, you'll learn the trifecta of Platform, Coding and Business Analysis

Hover over each stop to see what you'll learn
  • Data Modelling
Set your foundations as a Data Oriented Analyst with the building of clearly defined relational data models.

In this Track Stop™ you'll be introduced to the concept of Data Modelling, the fundamental principles needed to interpret and understand how relational data is stored and connected to other data sources. You'll cover the basics of data modelling techniques using the Lucid Chart platform focusing on understanding the differences between:

Platforms used:
  • Business Foundations
Learn the language of business to clearly and confidently communicate the value of your insights to Management as a business savvy data analyst.

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover an introduction to the world of Business where you'll be introduced to first-principles thinking, the analytical mindset used by giants such as Elon Musk, and more broadly, at leading strategic companies such as McKinsey, Accenture and Goldman Sachs.

You'll learn to structure and break-down your analysis into Micro and Macro Elements with a particular emphasis on the platform workflow of Microsoft Access, Excel Platform and Lucid Chart.

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Data Cleansing
Master the fundamentals you need to extract insight from data regardless of the quality with best practice data preparation techniques.

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover data cleansing also known as data preparation. You'll be introduced to Python and its powerful regular expressions as well as how to make use of Excel's Power Query Options to cleanse and transform data

You'll learn to efficiently analyse data for structure and break-down your analysis into Micro and Macro Elements with a particular emphasis on the platform workflow of Microsoft Access, Excel Platform and Lucid Chart.

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Analytical Foundations
Robustly analyse data, backed with a confident foundation in descriptive and inferential statistics as a data analytics professional

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover the foundations of data analysis. You'll learn how to describe data, infer trends from sample sizes, Null Hypotheses Testing and create models to build classification and forecasting systems. You'll be introduced to Python's powerful visualisation (seaborn) and modelling competencies (sklearn/statsmodel) ) to create robust, data-driven analytical models.

You'll learn from an award winning academic with over 18,000+ citations to their name as they walk you through the foundations of analytical mathematics to help transform how you see data and the world you interact with.

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Extract, Transform & Load
Master the fundamentals of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) to build the data pipelines needed to routinely analyse and extract insights with purpose built SQL queries and views as a Data and Business Intelligence Professional.

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover the foundations of Extract-Transform-Load workflows. You'll learn how to use Snowflake, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL, four of the worlds most in-demand SQL competencies with these platforms employed by those at Twitch, Apple, Facebook and even NASA!

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Visualisation Insights
Pictures say a thousand words; Learn to design insightful, best practice visualisations to get your insights seen and acted on as a Visualisation Specialist.

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover the foundations of visual insight. You'll learn how to use three of the worlds most popular visualisation platforms, namely Tableau, Power BI and Seaborn.

You'll learn how to create powerful stories using all three (3) of these visualisation engines ensuring your analysis isn't just statistically robust, but is visually insightful so Executives walk away with a clear understanding of your insights

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Recruitment Portfolio Project
Apply the different workflows you've mastered to create a robust Recruitment Portfolio Project that showcases your platform, data analytics and story telling competencies.

In this Track Stop™ you'll cover the foundations of how to build a high quality, meaningful Recruitment Portfolio Project. You'll cover and unpack projects from students who transitioned to companies like Facebook and LinkedIn and then focus on building your own!

You'll learn how to: Platforms used:
  • Data Analyst Exam
Put yourself to the test with a industry based Data Analyst Exam representative of a take home assignment to reinforce your knowledge as a Data Analytics Professional.

In this Track Stop™ you'll prepare to sit a Data Analyst Exam that covers all the core criterion that you've covered throughout each of the six core Track Stops, demonstrating your mastery of the material. Our exams are unique however as they are open-book, just like that in industry where you'll search for answers to problems you're not sure how to answer.

Platforms used:
  • Career Placement
Cap your journey off with knowing how to build a unique resume for each of the four (4) data jobs you've been preparing for throughout the Tracked Curriculum!

In this Track Stop™ you'll focus on revisiting the core technologies you've learned throughout the curriculum with a specific emphasis on the four (4) job roles you're now eligible for!

You'll learn how to:

..with a curriculum that's as flexible as your

needs, enabling you to take

Track Stops in the order you want³.

Mix and Match the courses based off your interests!

Curious about Viz. Platforms and want to save Business for last? Go ahead!

Our Track Stops ™ are designed to be flexible with each module self-contained so you can learn whatever you want – in any order that you want.

4 All Track Stops marked in Yellow are interchangeable and can be taken at any time, whilst those marked in Teal we recommend you follow the provided order.

With our expert industry guides and a weekly completion goal, you'll work 1:1, building traction every week as you pivot towards your data analytics career!

  • Weekly Progress Goals
    Weekly Progress Goals

    Get weekly updates highlighting your progress and whether you're on track – or off track!

  • Personalised Guidance Style
    Personalised Guidance Style

    Have 1:1 personalised sessions with your Guide who keeps you accountable and motivated towards your weekly progress goals!

  • Virtual Study Pods to network with other students
    Virtual Study Pods to network with other students

    Don't go at it alone. We know how important community is. Get synched up with a study pod that studies with you, with occasional drop-ins from our course creators!

“Lastly, we've topped this off with custom interviews from business leaders across the globe enabling you to see first-hand how analytics adds value in industries as unique as tech, retail, hospitality, banking, energy and fitness.”

Sriram Ved
Sriram Ved
Director – Global Operations Strategy & Digital Transformation Dell
Stephanie Unwin
Stephanie Unwin
Chief Executive Officer HORIZON POWER
Rebecca Strachan
Rebecca Strachan
Chief Executive Officer Raw

“It used to be about technical skills only, but in the new world, it's a mixture of technical and business complimenting each other – you can't have insights without both." – Fortune 500 Executive

With a price tag that's as good as it looks, let's get YOU on track.

The full Monthly tracked tuition rate is $6,000 AUD. Provided you pay upfront, you'll receive a 8% Discount. to $5,500 AUD. Remember - if you aren't satisfied with the Tracked Course, you'll receive a complete refund.

Is TRACKED™ - Comprehensive Analytics right for me?

Our comprehensive program is designed for candidates that want to understand data analysis from start to finish. From data modelling all the way through to data analysis and data pipelining.

As part of our Tracked Success criteria, all applicants will need to:

  • Possess a formal educational qualification from an accredited  educational service provider
  • Have at least 2 Years Work Experience
  • Proficiency in English
  • Access to the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite (Access, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Completion of a Problem solving Aptitude Test
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