Meet Our Guides

Our Guides have walked the path you’re on; that’s why they’re the perfect guide to drive you to your career destination.

When hiring a guide, we set the bar high with three (3) key hiring criteria

  • Technical Aptitude

    All of our Guides have industry experience across the technical stack we employ in our Tracked Curriculum ensuring you’ve got expert practical guidance; not simply documentation.

  • Commercial Aptitude

    Insights may come from code, but code is not the insight; that’s why all of our Guides are familiar with business terminology so you’ll be equipped with both platform and business expertise.

  • Teaching Aptitude

    All of our guides have walked the path you’re currently walking. They’ve transitioned and learned the ups and downs of analytics, making them a perfect fit for your analytics transition.

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See what some of our Guides have to say

Chris Hui

Chris Hui

Director of Product, Tracked.

“I always learnt differently from others. Whether it was maths or coding – I always had a different learning aptitude. Eventually I found a learning style that worked for me; and then I found out – I wasn’t alone. Helping others, helped myself through reinforcing concepts I otherwise thought I knew. Being a guide gives me that opportunity to help other people out and really reinvest into the community so that anyone can pivot into a career in tech.”

Jonathan Yeo

Software Engineer Atlassian

“I’ve always been involved in initiatives in giving back to the tech community from which I’ve learned so much; whether this be coder-dojo or other tech initiatives – I’ve always been open to sharing what I know and helping others on their journey. Everyone’s journey is a little bit different and I’m ready to help.”

Jonathan Yeo